Thomas is the main character in Thomas Parodies by NedGrabiec series

Thomas is the husband of Emily and father of James, Rosie and Lady, his best friend is Toby and then Sir Handel, Percy and Stepney, he is the son of Duke and Madge's Sister, his neighbour is Edward and his boss is Diesel, Thomas has been in many races against James and sometimes adopts Duck, he is often annoyed by James and got beaten up once by Lady, Thomas loves eating donuts (except for when Edward the Devil is around)
Thomas & Skarloey At The Olympic Games

Artwork by NedGrabiec for Thomas & Skarloey At The Olympic Games

In video games, Thomas's friendly rival is Skarloey and his friends include Oliver, Percy, Emily, Daisy and James, his enemies include Diesel 10, Diesel, Arry, Bert and sometimes the Troublesome Trucks
Thomas and his occasional family

Thomas and his occasional family

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