This is a parody of The Annoying Orange featuring Billy as the main protagonist and Murdoch the deuteragonist


Billy is singing a song when Murdoch comes into the sheds, Billy is amazed and thinks Murdoch is his big brother until he finds out, Murdoch is not orange and is gold, Billy calls him Bigo
The Annoying Billy-Featuring Billy and Murdoch

Artwork by NedGrabiec of Billy and Murdoch

ld which annoys him and continues, Billy burps as a trick and then tries to touch his eyeball with his tongue, eventually Murdoch gets annoyed and tells Billy to shut up and he is Murdoch and painted gold, not orange, not Bigold and he's not his brother until Billy tells him worried about Stanley and Stanley ends up torturing Murdoch messing with his controls afterwards Murdoch has been damaged by Stanley as an order and has a busted bufferbeam and buffer and a cracked funnel, a pumpkin face has been carved on him and Billy laughs until someone turns off the lights